• UC: Summer 2015 Demo Reel

  • NHL / SAP: Infographic Video Campaign

    • Concept Development
    • 2D Animation
    • Premium Sound Design

    Goal: Create 19 entertaining and informative videos to show off statistical analysis from SAP, a new NHL partner.

    Challenge: Telling an easily understood story built around predictive analytics ain’t easy! And, neither is designing a template that can be customized to different match-ups and stats for both mobile and broadcast platforms – in a matter of a couple of hours!

    Solution: We created a series of modular elements, that we strung together based on incoming scripts. All the design and production decisions – team colors, player pics, music tracks, etc. – were made and approved well ahead of the games. The moment a match up was announced, we were ready to go!
  • Food Fight: Brand Awareness Video

    • Creative Development
    • Scriptwriting
    • 2D Animation
    • Sound Design
      (HOBO Audio Company)

    GOAL: Create a General Presentation Video to speak to the mission and message of Food Fight, an organization dedicated to changing the way we think about and CHOOSE our food. The video would serve multiple purposes: live screenings at large events, small screenings at educational gatherings and online viewing as part of Food Fight’s action “Tool Kit.”

    CHALLENGE: Convey this message to kids, teens and adults alike in a way that doesn’t look like the same tired infographic.

    SOLUTION: We got inspired – by the colors and shapes and textures of food! Over a hundred cut-out images and a dose of stop-motion-styled animation gave us an off-the-beaten path landscape for planting our facts, stats, and goals.

  • NHL: "GameCenter Live" Shoots & Global Promo Campaign

    • Concept Development
    • Creative Direction
    • Location Scouting & Set Design
    • RED Camera Production
    • Editing, Compositing and 2D Animation
    • Shot Cleanup & Compositing
    • Color Correction & Finishing
    • Premium Sound Design

    Goal: Create national and international spots promoting the features of the NHL’s digital streaming product, GameCenter LIVE. Our focus was to design a shoot that demonstrated the product’s main value proposition, “how you want, when you want, wherever you are.”

    Challenge: Producing a two-day, RED camera shoot with multiple set-ups and designing the spot with multiple languages in mind were just a couple of challenges we faced. Since we were limited in which devices could be used within each segment, mapping out the sequence and product placement of each scene also became a challenge.

    Solution: A huge part of the pre-production process involved meticulously plotting out every combination of devices, video highlights, environments, interface elements and, at our suggestion, NHL product placement to further capitalize on the promo. This gave us alternates and options in edit.

    We also made sure the edit moved from device to device in a a logical sequence, as we didn’t want to repeat too many identical devices back to back. We delivered 30 and 15-second broadcast spots in English, Russian and German and alternate versions of each for the web.

  • MoMA: "Applied Design" Exhibit Promo

    • 2D Animation

    Goal: Promote the Applied Design exhibit at The Museum of Modern Art, which highlights the vitality and diversity of design in every facet of human activity.

    Challenge: Finding a unique way to animate the iconic symbols represented in this exhibit, while remaining faithful to the original sources

    Solution: We used the icons and their shapes as tools to transition between elements, which helped tie the icons to the exhibit’s featured videos.

  • NBC Universal: "The Maury Show" Broadcast & Promo Graphics Packages

    • Concept Development
    • 2D Animation
    • 3D Animation

    Goal: Once again, we got to brand baby-mama-drama and paternity-test-trauma with a fresh look that can easily carry over into specialty promos and teases.

    Challenge: Expanding on the existing 2013 rebrand and finally replacing all the left-over elements from prior packages, as the show completed its transition to HD.

    Solution: With the flexibility of a pole-dancing drag-queen, we built an incredibly versatile, easily customizable package. The mix-and-match toolkit allowed for unlimited combinations of on-screen elements, in any sequence. In collaboration with the editors, we designed a simple method for retaining the aesthetic throughout the program. The producers were thrilled with the outcome, but haven’t yet invited us to come and find out who our daddies are!

  • MORE Magazine: Marketing Video

    • Concept Development
    • 2D Animation

    Goal: Collaborate with MORE Magazine’s creative team in building a show-stopping presentation for a major internal event.

    Challenge: Marrying a luxury aesthetic with over-the-top excitement without overstepping brand identity.

    Solution: Finding inspiration in over-the-top exciting luxury events – fashion shows! MORE’s content is all glam as it struts under funky spotlights on our digital runway.

  • NHL / Draft Kings: Promo Campaign

    • Concept Development
    • 2D Animation
    • 3D Animation
    • Premium Sound Design

    Goal: Introduce NHL fans to the DraftKings alliance and its exciting game play experience, while highlighting some of the exclusive NHL sweepstakes events DraftKings gamers have the chance to enter and win.

    Challenge: We needed to simulate DraftKings’ fantasy game playing experience in a much more exciting way than providing a screen-by-screen tutorial. In addition to the generic versions, we also needed to create several versions highlighting the chance to win VIP Experience tickets to the All-Star Game, Stadium Series and NHL Awards.

    Solution: To give the campaign its ‘hook,’ we designed 3D avatars, each representing a fantasy team’s player position. Then, combining techniques, we added a fun visual allusion to the selection process. We used the 3D scoreboard and stadium setting to display the different messages and logos associated with each event campaign.
  • Transportation Alternatives: "College Advocacy Toolkit" Promo

    • Creative Development
    • 2D Animation

    Goal: Make “Ruby” – the narrator of TransAlt’s story – come to life.

    Translating our client’s draft script into a manageable animation sequence – and keeping it moving.

    We ad-libbed a little, using thought and speech bubbles to sprinkle some humor. We also visually improvised a lot, playing with content to tell our story in the friendliest way possible.


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