SAP Enhanced Stats Campaign

Broadcast, Social Media

Creative Director: Maria Rapetskaya
Executive Producer: Cathy Humphrey
Lead Animator: Stephen McNally
Sound Design: Mark Haskins

A multi-year, co-branded campaign that consisted of at least 40 videos each season, for both social media and broadcast. The videos served to highlight statistical info surrounding the NHL’s events, milestones and game match-ups. The NHL shared the stats for the 2015-16 season campaign: 11,264,810 impressions, 36,089 likes, 5,310 shares, 1,742 comments and 1,939,874 Facebook video views. This campaign exemplifies our ability to execute under tight deadlines and our proficiency in handling rapid changes in information that alter direction and content.


  • PromaxBDA North America 2016 Nomination: Overall Integrated Sports Marketing Campaign
  • Cynopsis Sports Media 2016 Finalist: Best Marketing Campaign
  • Cynopsis Sports Media 2016 Honorable Mention: Marketing Campaign (National)
  • AVA Digital 2016 Platinum: Video For the Web: Sports
  • AVA Digital 2016 Gold Creativity: Web Video/Motion Graphics
  • AVA Digital 2016 Honorable Mention: Digital Marketing/Social Campaign

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