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Appearances & Awards

Sponsor/Panelist: "Women in Sports: Take the Field"
April 16, 2019

Panelist: "At The Helm of Breaking Barriers"
March 23, 2019

Panelist: "Creativity and Collaboration: How Great Packages Are Developed"
March 6, 2019


Appearances & Awards

Panelist: "Put Down The Knives"
June 12, 2018 at New York Hilton

Roundtable Leader: "Managing Clients for Creatives”
Panelist: “Getting Exposure for Your Creative Work”
Workshop Leader: “Design Your Life”

February 23-24, 2018 at Hilton Hotel, Lisle, IL

Published Works

"Can We Design a More Perfect Design Union?"
AIGA EYE ON DESIGN, June 19, 2018 (Interview)
AIGA EYE ON DESIGN MAGAZINE ISSUE #01 (print), March 29, 2018 (Interview)
"Pay regulations would be great, in theory. Most small companies I know are such fragile ecosystems that heavy-handed, broad strokes regulation would decimate our operations. Our rates and pay structures are intimately tied to our specific sector, our client base, our average budgets, and our production cycles."
Read on EyeOnDesign.aiga.org

"Guest Column: How to Put Stock to Work for You"
PROMAXBDA BRIEF, February 12, 2018 (Byline: Creative)
"In the 20 years since I started my creative career, my reliance on stock assets has increased exponentially. From photos, to video, to audio, to 3-D models – quicker turnaround times and shrinking budgets make creating original assets a challenge. But how do you work with stock without making it obvious, or sacrificing the aesthetic of your final product? The answer is knowing where to get what you need and using it wisely. Here are six steps I include in my workflow that are instrumental in getting the most out of stock assets."
Read on PromaxBDA.org


Appearances & Awards

Panelist: "Women’s Sports Media Initiative (WSMI) Sessions"
December 11, 2017 at New York Hilton

2017 Cynposis Sports Media Award: Finalist
2016 NHL Hockey Fights Cancer Campaign
Pro Social Campaign

Sponsor/Senior Mentor: Focus on Creative Entrepreneurship
July 19, 2017 at VERSUS, NYC

Discussion Leader (w/Kevin Aratari of Troika): "Does Size Matter? – Growth takes on many forms besides scale"
June 7, 2017 at PromaxBDA North America Conference at JW Marriott LA Live, Los Angeles, CA

Panelist: "Video: Creativity in Real Time Panel with The Players'Tribune, The New York Jets and Undefined Creative"
May 18, 2017 at LIbris, NYC

Speaker: "The Entrepreneurial Mindset/Thrive Your Own Way – The importance of forging real relationships and redefining growth"
April 27, 2017 at Heifer International, Little Rock, AR

AWNY / SHE RUNS IT 2017 REBOOT, RECHARGE, RENEW: Create Your Life by Design - Not Chance
Speaker/Workshop Leader: "Stop Apologizing for Wanting Work/Life Balance"
March 25, 2017 at KBS, New York

Panelist: "Serving Multiple Screens: Graphics for Mobile and Streaming"
February 22, 2017 at Microsoft Technology Center, New York

Press Coverage

"Behind the Title: Undefined Creative founder/CD Maria Rapetskaya"
POST PERSPECTIVE, November, 2017 (Interview)
"There are two sides to my job: the entrepreneur and the creative. The “entrepreneur” is the founder part, and that makes me responsible for nearly everything, even if only in a supervising or approval role. I am responsible for the majority of business development. I set the company vision and work on the strategy to get there. I work in tandem with my executive producer on marketing. I oversee finances and operations, and do a good deal of maintaining client relationships. The “creative” part of my job is being the creative director of a boutique. This encompasses setting the aesthetic direction of the studio in general and each project in particular. Communication with clients about all aspects of a project, and guiding the creative along the production process and — since we are a boutique — a good deal of hands-on production. I love that last part, since I never wanted to get away entirely from actually DOING what I love."
Read on PostPerspective.com

"Quick Chat: Creating graphics package for UN’s Equator Prize ceremony"
POST PERSPECTIVE, October, 2017 (Coverage)
"Undefined Creative (UC) was recently commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to produce a fresh package of event graphics for its Equator Prize 2017 Awards Ceremony. This project is the latest in a series of motion design-centered work collaborations between the creative studio and the UN, a relationship that began when UC donated their skills to the Equator Prize in 2010."
Read on PostPerspective.com

"Undefined Creative Brands the United Nations Development Programme's Prestigious Equator Prize 2017 Awards Ceremony"
SHOOT MAGAZINE ONLINE, October 10, 2017 (Coverage)
"Undefined Creative (UC) was recently commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to produce a fresh package of event graphics for its prestigious Equator Prize 2017 Awards Ceremony. This project is the latest in a series of motion design-centered work collaborations between the creative studio and United Nations, a relationship that began when UC donated their skills to the Equator Prize in 2010."
Read on ShootOnline.com

"Undefined Creative Freshens Up ‘Maury’ to Usher in Season 20"
PROMAXBDA BRIEF, September 29, 2017 (Coverage)
"As it enters its 20th season, NBCUniversal’s Maury again paired with longtime creative partner Undefined Creative to give itself a brand refresh after four years. "The process really changes when you rebrand the same show multiple times,” said Undefined Creative’s Founder and Creative Director Maria Rapetskaya, in a statement. “That’s quite unique for an outside vendor to do, but … Paul and I have worked together for the entirety of my career as a creative director. So, this is a truly rare working relationship.”"
Read on PromaxBDA.org

"Restoring Charleston: An Abandoned Historic Home Comes Back to Life"
RENDEROSITY MAGAZINE ONLINE, August 20, 2017 (Coverage)
"The DIY Network was already in production on its show, Restoring Charleston, when Scott Sternberg Productions brought media production agency Undefined Creative onto the project. Their job--create architectural animations showing contractor Trent Fasnacht's painstaking restoration of an 1895 Craftsman-style home in Charleston, South Carolina, that had been abandoned for decades."
Read on RenderosityMagazine.com

"Undefined Creative Produces Motion Graphics Packages for 2017 NHL Awards, Expansion Draft"
SPORTS VIDEO GROUP, July 25, 2017 (Coverage)
"Undefined Creative (UC) was tapped by LA-based event company Dempsey Productions to conceive and produce two extensive motion graphics packages for the 2017 NHL Awards and Expansion Draft presented by T-Mobile. Televised live in the United States on NBCSN and in Canada on Sportsnet, this event celebrated the NHL’s top talent from the 2016-17 season and revealed the initial roster of the League’s 31st team, the Vegas Golden Knights."
Read on SportsVideo.org

"Motion Graphics Packages: NHL Awards Show and NHL Expansion Draft Presented by T-Mobile"
SHOOT MAGAZINE ONLINE, July 25, 2017 (Coverage)
"Undefined Creative (UC) was tapped by Dempsey Productions to conceive and produce two extensive motion graphics packages for the 2017 NHL Awards™ and Expansion Draft presented by T-Mobile. Televised live in the United States on NBCSN and in Canada on Sportsnet, this event celebrated the NHL’s top talent from the 2016-17 season and revealed the initial roster of the League’s 31st team, the Vegas Golden Knights™."
Read on ShootOnline.com

"Design: Undefined Creative Completes NHL Packages"
POST MAGAZINE, July, 2017 (Coverage)
"Creative agency Undefined Creative (www.undefinedcreative.com) recently created an extensive motion graphics packages for the live 2017 NHL Awards Show and NHL Expansion Draft. The studio created some 200 different deliverables for the event in Las Vegas, which honored last season’s top pro hockey players and helped launch the new Las Vegas Golden Knights player roster."
Read on POSTmagazine.com

"Undefined Creative's Maury Rebrand"
POST MAGAZINE: Broadcast Design Issue (print), June, 2017 (Coverage)
"Brooklyn, New York’s Undefined Creative (www.und efinedcreative.com), under the direction of founder and creative director Maria Rapetskaya, has led every on-air rebrand of the syndicated Maury show since 2005, when executive producer Paul Faulhaber gave her then fledging company a shot. Over the past 12 years, the package went through many looks, from a stylish 3D abstraction to the current “liquid metal” version that’s been airing since 2013."
Read in POST Magazine Digital Issue (p.39)

Published Works

"Creating for Everywhere"
POST MAGAZINE (print), August, 2017 (Byline: Creativity)
"You’re looking at three pages of deliverables, in every conceivable dimension, to send in a couple of weeks. Where you begin, what you design and how you structure your workflow will play a big part in the amount of sleep you all get until the job is done. Myself, I’m a big fan of staying well rested and sane, by working smarter — not harder."
Read in POST Magazine Digital Issue (p.36)

"Guest Column: How to Build a Virtual Team You Can Trust"
PROMAXBDA BRIEF, June 16, 2017 (Byline: Entrepreneurship)
"According to a recent Gallup poll, half of surveyed employees would switch jobs for flexible hours or full-time positions off-site. And another study by Leadership IQ found that people working from home are 87 percent more likely to “love” their jobs than those who don’t. For early adopters of remote offices, this is welcomed validation. For many traditional employers, however, this signals a likely uptick in qualified candidates eschewing in-house positions in favor of working in their pajamas."
Read on PromaxBDA.org


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Appearances & Awards

Roundtable Leader: "Are You a Freelancer or an Entrepreneur?"
December 1, 2016 at Paley Center for Media, New York

NHL/SAP Enhanced Stats Infographics Campaign
Overall Integrated Sports Marketing Campaign

NHL/SAP Enhanced Stats Infographics Campaign
Best Marketing Campaign

Food Fight Awareness Video
Pro Bono Video

PANELIST: Sports Graphics Forum Examining the Client/Designer Relationship
New York, February 17, 2016

NHL/SAP Enhanced Stats Infographics Campaign
National Marketing Campaign

Food Fight Awareness Video
Pro Bono Contribution

NHL/SAP Social Media Campaign
Video For the Web: Sports

NHL/SAP Social Media Campaign
Creativity: Web Video/Motion Graphics

NHL/SAP Social Media Campaign
Digital Marketing/Social Campaign

Podcast Appearances

"Why Small Studios Rule"
REVTHINK with Joel Pilger, December 21, 2016

"Selling Design Ideas"
HOW DESIGN with Elise Benun, December 17, 2016

"Narrowly Defining Your Services"
BUSINESSOLOGY, December 10, 2016

"The Power of Motion: An Interview with Maria Rapetskaya"
VOICE AMERICA, September 13, 2016

Press Coverage

"Graphic, Behind-The-Scenes Story About Harry Connick Jr."
TV NEWS CHECK, November 2, 2016 (Coverage)
"Shame on you. Not that kind of graphic story, but the kind every new television show needs. When there’s a new daytime entertainment show that’s syndicated across the country, somebody has to come up with the graphics package — color schemes, designs, font, typeface, looping backgrounds, in/out bumps, slates, bugs, transitions, supers, snipes, the entire look and feel — and then make it move, put it in motion. And don’t forget the style guide."
Read on TVNewsCheck.com

"Undefined Creative Delivers Extensive On-Air and Marketing Packages for New Daytime Entertainment Show, "Harry", Starring Harry Connick Jr."
SHOOT ONLINE, November 1, 2016 (Coverage)
"New York creative agency Undefined Creative put together the winning brand marketing touch for the launch of NBCUniversal Domestic Television Distribution's new nationally syndicated entertainment show, "Harry", starring Grammy and Emmy award-winner Harry Connick Jr."
Read on ShootOnline.com

"Undefined Creative Delivers On-Air Graphics Packages for 'HARRY'"
PROMAXBDA BRIEF, November 1, 2016 (Coverage)
"New York-based Undefined Creative delivered a sleek graphics look for NBCUniversal’s new syndicated talk show, Harry, starring Harry Connick Jr., which launched in September. “Once the show was picked up, NBCUniversal decided they loved the look we had created for the pilot and hired us to refine and expand on the graphic elements we had initially developed for Harry, which is really a designer’s dream come true,” said Cathy Humphrey, executive producer for Undefined Creative, in a statement."
Read on PromaxBDA.org

"Undefined Creative Delivers Impassioned Campaign for NHL’s Fight Against Cancer"
CG+NEWS, September 6, 2016 (Coverage)
"To kick off its annual Hockey Fights Cancer initiative and engage hockey fans with a fresh campaign, the National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) collaborated with Undefined Creative, the New York-based full-service creative agency that has previously conceived and produced several other successful promotional campaigns for the league."
Read on CGNews.com

"Brands Continuing the Trend of Dealing Directly with Production Companies"
NEWSWIRE, September 6, 2016 (Interview)
"The NHL is a great example of where we’ve almost become an extension of their organization. We know them so well, we understand their needs implicitly and we get our feedback directly from them and not through an agency,” says Rapetskaya. From the production side of the relationship, getting feedback without it being filtered through individuals at a third-party office is vital. From a pure communication standpoint, it makes perfect sense. It’s hard to imagine an argument for clarity or timeliness being improved by including additional links in the communication chain. “Dealing directly with firms that take a project from idea to execution under one roof can greatly reduce the frustration and delays caused by having an extra party between the client and the vendor,” added Rapetskaya.
Read on Newswire.net

"Sports Graphics Forum: Examining the Client/Designer Relationship, Virtual Studios"
SPORTSVIDEO.ORG, February 23, 2016 (Post-Appearance Coverage)
"Once I get to know the client, I am much better equipped to fit their production schedule and needs. The challenge is constantly switching to the next new thing, but having a relationship helps. You need to know what their level of proficiency is. The last thing you want to do is hand them a template that looks beautiful but that the internal department has no idea what to do with."
Read on SportsVideo.org

Published Works

"This Common Business Practice Kills Diversity Efforts"
FAST COMPANY, November 15, 2016 (Byline: Entrepreneurship)
"A few weeks ago, New York City passed the Freelance Isn't Free Act, which mandates payment within 30 days on all freelance invoices. This is a great step toward protecting an increasingly independent workforce from exploitation in the gig economy. But getting your invoices paid is only half the battle. These days, many of us—especially in creative fields—find ourselves battling for the right to invoice at all. The 'try before you buy' approach was once endemic to big advertising. But these days, smaller firms and independent workers are all being asked to pitch for free. As that practice spreads, it's undercutting plenty of other well-intentioned diversity efforts. Because after all, some companies and individuals are better positioned to be able to do free (and often fruitless) work than others."
Read on FastCompany.com

"How to Produce Fast, Cheap and Awesome Social Content"
CAMPAIGN US, November 9, 2016 (Byline: Creativity)
"Earlier this year, I attended a panel on growing a YouTube following. The conversation centered on close monitoring of audience engagement for successful posts and immediate production of related content. Since monetizing a nascent YouTube project is difficult and production costs can kill a budding creator, the obvious takeaway was: produce fast and cheap. The speakers were industry pros who weren't strangers to the old production mantra: "Good, fast, cheap: pick two out of three." And, they themselves weren't budding creators, but a successful operation going to great lengths not to skimp on visual appeal. Yet, by not explicitly addressing quality, they reaffirmed a prevalent belief that "good" must be sacrificed to the pace and price of social media. I disagree."
Read on CampaignLive.com

"How to Be a Pain in Your Own Ass as an Independent Designer"
HOW DESIGN, November 7, 2016 (Byline: Entrepreneurship)
"In your former life designing in-house or at a firm, someone else paid the bills and filed taxes, tracked profits and losses, and made sure that the work kept rolling in. These things weren’t your headache. You’d been hired for your amazing skills, skills that you eventually came to believe would serve you better if you were the boss."
Read on HowDesign.com

"3 Wise Quotes and Why the Wisest Words Live Between The Lines"
EVERYDAY POWER BLOG, October 10, 2016 (Byline: Inspiration)
"Without learning from other people’s mistakes or taking wise advice along the way, we’d likely fumble through adulthood with little success. I’ve done plenty of both, and a bit of fumbling; but the wise quotes I’ve lived by and built my business on weren’t given as explicit advice. Instead, these little gems were takeaways from conversations with people whose opinions and life choices I respected. While their stories inspired my own interpretations and conclusions, I’ll always remember the origins of these lessons."
Read on EverydayPowerBlog.com

”Fifteen Questions for Entrepreneurs, from IdeaMensch”
IDEAMENSCH, October 6, 2016 (Byline: Interview)
"As an entrepreneur, what is the one thing you do over and over and recommend everyone else do?
Reassess what you think you believe. That means everything, from the way you market your company to the way you operate to the work you’re going after to what you think will make you happy. We fall into patterns and habits so quickly! Some are useful and positive, but others become crutches and excuses. You have to question yourself out of your comfort zone. Few are blessed with friends or mentors who can do that for us. So the next best thing is learning how to be our own devil’s advocate and bullshit detector."

Read on IdeaMensch.com

"You're Never Too Young (or Old) To Mentor"
99U, June 29, 2016 (Byline: Entrepreneurship)
"Your professional trajectory is undeniably nuanced and you may question whether others can relate enough to offer a valuable point of view. But, under the hood, your career or company struggles are less unique than they appear. This doesn’t mean you or your business aren’t special. It just means you’re not alone. That’s great news if you’re willing to learn from the experiences. and mistakes of others. Just don’t forget how much it helps to share yours."
Read on 99u.com

"Traveling for Pii Mai (Lao New Year): A Conversation with Maria Rapetskaya"
PINK PANGEA, June 14, 2016 (Interview: Travel)
"I wound up in Laos on a whim. I’d booked a one-way ticket to Nepal for a month of trekking and exploring. My plan was to return to New York once work picked up, but at the end of the month it looked like I could push it a few more weeks. Years prior, when I traveled through Mongolia, I’d met a few people who were traveling up from Laos and their stories about a relatively unspoiled, friendly paradise intrigued me. So, I decided to head there for Pii Mai, Lao New Year in mid-April."
Read on PinkPangea.com

"How to Ride Out Professional Storms by Tapping Personal Experience"
HOW DESIGN, June 13, 2016 (Byline: Entrepreneurship)
"What do you do when your opportunity to take on a challenging, multi-faceted and lucrative project arrives at the worst possible time? In my case, I said “yes.” At that moment, I was accepting the studio’s most ambitious and promising opportunity to date. Trouble was, the two principal partners in my business—myself being one—were parting ways: professionally, romantically and logistically."
Read on HowDesign.com

"GUEST COLUMN: The Creative's Condensed Guide To Work-Life Balance"
PROMAXBDA BRIEF, May 2, 2016 (Byline: Creativity)
"The term “work-life balance” gets thrown around so frequently, it’s become a blanket phrase to convey what we must all strive for, lest we remain miserable. Beyond the term, few have a clear picture of what this “work-life balance” actually means to them. So before you set off on a wild-goose chase, you’ve got to identify two key bits."
Read on PromaxBDA.org

"5 Things Entrepreneurs Must Do to Ever Get Some Time Off"
ENTREPRENEUR, April 22, 2016 (Byline: Entrepreneurship)
"It's a familiar story. You started your business because you wanted to be in better control of your life. You sacrificed time off to build up your company. And now you wonder where that control went as you continue to neglect your hankering for vacation. Or worse, any vacation you do take winds up feeling like the office, just with better scenery and daytime cocktails. I'm a fellow entrepreneur who, from the start, feared turning into yet another over-worked business owner. Here are the practices I've put in place to successfully prevent this from happening."
Read on Entrepreneur.com

"Five Definitive Rules for Vetting Your First Business Partner"
FAST COMPANY, March 20, 2016, syndicated by DEVICE DAILY, translated into Turkish (Byline: Entrepreneurship)
"Plenty of companies are born when one person with one set of skills has one idea. But entrepreneurship doesn’t often stay a solo affair forever. At some point, you may want to bring in a partner to help you with the parts of your business that don’t play to your strengths. One thing entrepreneurs don’t always consider is that in vetting a potential partner, they’ve also got to be scrupulously honest with themselves about their own needs, working style, and priorities."
Read on FastCompany.com

"Finding Work-Life Harmony with These 11 Inspiring Philosophies"
OUTSITE.COM, February 23, 2016 (Interview: Lifestyle)
"The term “work-life balance” is as unique as your situation and your goals, and no one can hand you a blueprint. You need to identify what it is you’re really seeking and what you’re willing to give up for it, because balance demands compromise. This balance isn’t static. It’ll shift according to the job opportunities you’re landing, to changes in your personal life, and frequent reevaluation of what’s important to you."
Read on Outsite.com

"The Creative's Secret to Career Longevity"
AIGA EYE ON DESIGN, February 8, 2016 (Byline: Creative)
"Getting your foot in the door of your first real job is undeniably difficult. But frankly, getting a shot at any point in your career isn’t exactly easy. The big difference between your first job and your eighth is knowing how to stay hired once your foot is comfortable, and how to keep growing within the company or towards your next position."
Read on AIGA.com

"Startups Are Personal: Don't Lose Focus on Your Values"
FORBES, January 24, 2016 (Interview: Entrepreneurship)
"Running a company isn’t a ‘goal’; it’s a long, winding road. Enjoy the process! Unless your goal is to cash out and you’ve got some built in exit strategy, chances are you want a long-term entrepreneurial career. You will have ups, and you will have downs, possibly in the same week, or even day. You will gain amazing clients and lose others for reasons fair and unfair. That’s all part of having a business. I’ve yet to encounter a single business owner who’s reached some grand, stable plateau beyond failure, disappointment, and doubt. We all experience it. Instead of discouragement, focus on becoming more resilient, on learning how to handle stress productively."
Read on Forbes.com

"5 Things Not to Do Running a Small Business"
ENTREPRENEUR, January 12, 2016, syndicated by FORTUNE, FOX NEWS & SOY ENTREPRENEUR (Byline: Entrepreneurship)
"My first design company was a partnership with my significant other. It was largely a freestyle experiment in running a business, conducted live over the course of five years. As a business, it was marginally successful. As a learning experience, it was my equivalent of a masters of business administration. So, by the time I had started my second and current company, I had a pretty good blueprint of don’t’s for running a small business. I had been fortunate enough to make the mistakes that have yielded five valuable lessons learned — lessons that have truly paid off the second time around."
Read on Entrepreneur.com

"Startups Are Personal: Part One"
FORBES, January 10, 2016 (Interview: Entrepreneurship)
"Whether it’s following a passion, or having more control over your time to devote to your family, always keep that in perspective. It’s easy to get carried away and forget what it was you wanted from your own business. I, for example, was driven by ‘quality of life’ factors, especially time off for my other passion, travel. At times, temporary sacrifice may be truly necessary, but it pays to be conscious of when you’re in danger of permanently shelving the very thing you wanted most."
Read on Forbes.com


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Appearances & Awards

MENTOR: Speed Mentoring Session
New York, October 26, 2015

NHL Bracket Challenge Promo
Best Art Direction and Design: Sports

Press Coverage

"These Players Are Multiple Threats: Women in the Game"
MULTICHANNEL NEWS, June 15, 2015 (Interview/Feature, Print Only)
BROADCASTING & CABLE, June 15, 2015 (Interview/Feature, Print Only)
Maria Rapetskaya is one of nine "Women in the Game" in a feature profiling sports media all-stars.

"Design in Motion: Crazy Talk"
POST MAGAZINE, June 1, 2015 (Feature)
"It's not the first talk show about talk shows, but it certainly is the latest. Crazy Talk capitalizes on NBC Universal's existing chat content as hosts Ben Aaron and Tanisha Thomas recap the zaniest moments from The Maury Show, Jerry Springer and other daily talk and reality programs for their studio audience. Undefined Creative, a broadcast design firm in New York City, was charged with crafting the pilot graphics package for Crazy Talk."
Read in POST Magazine Digital Issue (p.43)

"NHL Fan Vote Goes Global with Campaign from Undefined Creative"
PROMAXBDA BRIEF, January 5, 2015 (Coverage)
"New York-based design shop Undefined Creative has unveiled a new series of spots in eight languages for this year’s NHL All-Star fan vote. The “It’s Your Choice” Campaign marks the third time Undefined Creative has been tapped for the NHL All-Stars Fan Vote project. This time around, the agency developed an international promo campaign that underscores hockey fans’ power to determine who gets to play in the all-star game, while also pushing users to the NHL’s voting microsite. Undefined Creative produced :30 and :15 master spots in English and French, with international variations created in Swedish, Finnish, Russian, German, Slovak, and Czech."
Read on PromaxBDA.org

Published Works

"4 Ways To Weather Professional Storms"
ENTREPRENEUR, November 30, 2015 (Byline: Entrepreneurship)
"Getting from crisis to success requires confidence in your ability to pull off some seemingly impossible feat. Panicking isn't an option, since you're the person in charge and everyone expects you to pull this together. So, where do you look for that confidence when you need it most?"
Read on Entrepreneur.com

"The Second Leap: How to Go from Lone Freelancer to Full-Fledged Entrepreneur"
99U, November 19, 2015 (Byline: Entrepreneurship)
"If you’re a freelance creative toying with the idea of starting a company, you’re not alone. We’ve entered the age of entrepreneurship, where the “lean startup” is glorified and its trials are handsomely rewarded. Working for someone else, particularly in creative circles, can be seen as capitulation of ambition, a near failure. And freelancing, especially when you’re expected to schlep into an office, can appear a step shy of the freedom and financial prospects that “real” entrepreneurship holds."
Read on 99u.com

"Client-Vendor Guide to Falling in Love: Factual Approach to Fairy Tale Rapport"
BRANDCHANNEL, October 12, 2015, co-written with Karla Chrzanowski (Byline: Creative)
"Karla Chrzanowski and Maria Rapetskaya met on a professional “blind date” in 2011, at Meredith Publishing in New York. Karla represented the client, as Brand Development Director at Better Homes & Gardens. Maria was the vendor, pitching Undefined Creative as a motion graphics provider... Eventually, this professional relationship evolved into a personal friendship, and the client-vendor barrier gave way to a truly open exchange of ideas. So it wasn’t a huge surprise when one day, over coffee, Karla and Maria reminisced about their “first date.”
Read on Brandchannel.com

"Why You Need to Take the Time to Keep Your Networks Vibrant"
PROMAX DAILY BRIEF, May 29, 2015 (Byline: Entrepreneurship)
"Yes, it’s important to continue to get out there and seek new possibilities. I’ve plenty of examples of making amazing contacts because I did, went, tried something new. Patience is a must, since years can pass before a possibility turns into a paid project. Making this a two-way street – actively linking people with opportunities – will score some good networking karma, and make you feel good in the process."
Read on PromaxBDA.org

"A Fulfilling Way to Get Yourself Out of a Creative Rut"
FAST COMPANY, April 15, 2015 (Byline: Creative)
"I love our clients. But sometimes, our clients aren’t enough. Our production cycle fluctuates. Bursts of creative beginnings lead to spells of monotonous production. It may keep the lights on, but it does little for the soul. I imagine all, save the luckiest in our industry, run on a version of this treadmill. As founder and creative director of an upstart full-service agency, I know it all too well."
Read on FastCompany.com

"Stop Apologizing for Wanting Work/Life Balance"
99U, February 26, 2015 (Byline: Entrepreneurship)
"On March 1, 2013, I got on a one-way flight to Kathmandu. Over the next few weeks, I crossed the Himalayas at 18,000 feet, got bathed by an elephant, checked Bhutan off my bucket list and learned to ride a scooter in Laos. I’ve traveled to more than 30 countries in the past 10 years alone, often escaping to some really remote places. I’ve also seen my share of 18-hour workdays. Of course, it’s my travel pics that people see on Facebook…not pics of me collapsing into bed at 2 a.m. and waking up at 6 to resume work. I’m often asked how I manage this, especially being a business owner, and my answer is really simple: I designed my life."
Read on 99u.com


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Appearances & Awards

SPEAKER: "Designing Your Life" Original Presentation
Albuquerque, NM, August 14, 2014

PANEL MODERATOR: Fast and Furious, Cutting Sports Television
New York, June 17, 2014


PANELIST: Sports Postproduction Workshop, Keeping Current: Graphics Design Tools and Trends for 2014
New York, December 17, 2013

SPEAKER: "What To Do After Success" Original Presentation
Albuquerque, NM, October 1, 2013

Press Coverage

"Why Did You Start Your Business?"
HEARPRENEUR, November 14, 2014 (Interview: Entrepreneurship)
"From the beginning I wanted this company to be more than just a means to support myself. It is about a lifestyle, about balance and most importantly to me, it is about giving back. We have a near constant rotation of pro bono projects for non-profits, ranging from the United Nations to NYC’s Transportation Alternatives."
Read on Hearpreneur.com

"Career Path Interview Series"
CREATIVE INTERNS May 1, 2014 (Interview: Career Advice)
"Be patient. It will likely take time to find a good position, or any position for that matter. Even if your goal is a full-time job, pursue freelance or independent projects while you look. You’ll make some money, get more experience, make connections, etc."
Read on CreativeInterns.com

"Brooklyn-Based Undefined Creative Uses C4D for NHL Network Graphics Packages"
RENDEROSITY March 25, 2014 (Feature)
"Rapetskaya and Undefined 3D artist, Jesse Ross, began the project by focusing on design. Event art was provided by the NHL’s in-house team, but everything needed to be adapted to motion graphics. Hours were spent separating all the pieces and rebuilding the line art to work for extrusion. Photoshop was used for all of the textures. Using as much of the original art as possible helped ensure greater accuracy than would have been possible if they had needed to replicate everything through modeling and materials."
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"Undefined Creative Uses C4D to Create Video Promos For New Thriller, 'The Informationist'"
RENDEROSITY May 22, 2011 (Feature)
"Not long ago, when an author wanted to promote a new book he or she would go on a tour making in-person appearances to read excerpts and sign copies. Book tours still happen, but like so many other things today, much of the promotion for new books is being done online. For Taylor Stevens' new book "The Informationist," for example, Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House, recently had three 30-second promotional video trailers created for posting on YouTube and Amazon."
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